Everyone around here is injured. I have the gory nursing injury. Lexy collided with a friend at recess and has a pretty big (silver dollar sized) bruise on his cheek. Willow has a red, stinging diaper rash becuase her nerd parents forgot to water down her orange juice. Poor baby was SCREAMING today when I changed her, which was often since she had the runs. On the plus side, her new crushed velvet (not as decadent as it sounds, really!) diapers are comfy and wash amazingly well. No stains at all. I’m impressed. Nate stabbed himself just below the eye with a sharp pencil (god love him, he takes after me) and put a hole in himself. The tip didn’t break off, but he’s got a graphite mark in the wound and won’t let me wash it. Sophie has a mondo bruise on her knee that is sore. John isn’t hurt, I don’t think. In fact, he got a second part-time job today, so YAY!

I am so ready for fall to come. I’m listening to mellow music, mostly Townes Van Zandt and the Cowboy Junkies. Cookies have been baked, soup made. I keep yearning for the cool mornings to stick around long enough to become cool afternoons. It’s going to be a bit longer, though. Seems like it doesn’t cool off here until after Halloween every year.

I’m sleepy and ought to get the kids to bed.


2 thoughts on “Benched

  1. shannon

    I still have the gray dot on my left thigh where my brother speared me with a pencil – we couldn’t have been more then 6. I’m sure I did something equally heinous to deserve the attack though! Hope y’all heal up soon!

  2. deb

    Wow, you guys sound as clumsy as my family!

    Can you still read my journal? I deleted some friends the other day but couldn’t remember what your journal is called since you don’t post there and I wanted to make sure I didn’t delete you.


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