best musical instrument ever

  Moe! Andrew Steve 
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I didn’t get to go to this show, but it had to be great with the multicolored bundt pan percussion. 

I did make it to the show the night before, thanks very much to BabyO’s mom, who kept Willow from before supper Friday night until late Saturday afternoon.  Not only did I get to stay out until 3 a.m., I got to sleep in, shower and shop alone!  Excellent.  And Willow wasn’t even phased by her first sleepover without one of her parents.  The bad thing for me about a little freedom now and then is that I just want more of it more often.  I told John it’s better if I just don’t take any breaks, but he had a better idea: he says I should take them more often, and that way they wouldn’t shock me so much.  I LIKE his way of thinking. 

3 thoughts on “best musical instrument ever

  1. michelle

    well, well, well, well, um, baby o’s mom loves having miss willow’s cute self over. she likes me! :o)


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