We need the rain, so I haven’t minded it showing up for most of the last little while even though it makes my commute to work nearly twice as long (time-wise) and ten times more stressful.  Yesterday was sunny, though, and when I was driving home, the sun was starting to set and it was shining through the right half of the windshield.  It felt so good and warm on my face.  I could feel the sunshine on my eyelashes; I swear it had weight to it. 

And, this is silly to admit, but I started thinking about the sun, and how it’s actually a star, and since it was the only star in the sky I could see, I made a wish on it.  I think it will come true.  I hope so.

3 thoughts on “Bright

  1. Se'Lah

    You mean the sun’s a star? 🙂 My daughter absolutely loves the solar system and that my friend is THE only reason I knew that.


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