I’ve been getting the PhotoFriday emails for ages, but I’ve never participated.  Today’s challenge is Brother.

I couldn’t choose just one, and I know these aren’t really technically that good, but I like them.



I have some great pictures of my own brother, but I didn’t take them.  I’ll have to fix that next time I see him and chase him around with my camera.

I managed to escape the house and bring my laptop to the coffee shop around the corner for an hour or so.  I don’t think the novelty of this will wear off for a long time, if ever.  The one and only downside is the "new country" (I LOVE old-fashioned country, but this is horrid) radio station they have going (yes, I’m in Silicon Valley, CA), but I am currently getting around that by listening to Sigur Ros via headphones.

Alrighty, then.  I am off to try and be productive before I pick up the girls.

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