Brought to you by the letter R

My vaccum cleaner is back home after a nearly 30 stay in the repair shop. When I went in to get it today, I was scoping out the used espresso machines and wondering if I should make that happen in my microkitchen.  Do we really need a microwave and toaster?  Not if an espresso machine could use that space. 

They sell parts at the appliance repair shop, of course.  The whole time I couldn’t help but think of the Brave Little Toaster.  I looked on you tube for a link to the scene where the blender is shivering and hiding from the shop guy and then gets gutted and used for parts, but instead I found this fascinating (and brief) expose

But, hey! the blender scene is listed in this parental guide for the movie.  Parental guides for movies = very funny reading.   Especially for films like Night of the Living Dead (

We see a girl zombies butt for a very short amount of time.  Rad!) and Pulp Fiction (

265 uses of the f-word and its derivatives Impressive!) and Goodfellas (300 uses of the f-word and its derivatives WINNER!) Or one of my favorite movies, The Goonies (A dead body continuously falls on top of a child, who is trapped in a
freezer. Numerous skeletons discovered during movie, including one with
daggers int its eye sockets
.   All typos courtesy of original reviewers.)  No one has warned parents about the seriously frightening monkeys in the Wizard of Oz yet,  (I still have nighmares sometimes about them.  *shiver*) but they do have this warning on the link to the hidden plot synopsis warning! may contain spoilers.

I’m lucky to be so easily entertained.

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