Called out

Gwendomama sent me a challenge via Sweetney.  Who knows why, but I agreed to take a photo of myself fresh out of bed.  Now that I’ve got it from the camera to the computer, I can see that it’s blurry. Since I don’t see very well for the first little while after getting up in the morning, I had no idea.  Really, it’s much better for everyone involved this way.

Trust me.

no, you can’t click that to make it bigger

You can’t really see how I am rockin the bedhead look.  It was fierce this morning.  (fierce!) Even though it’s a blurry photo, you can see the bags under my eyes and the awesome red zit that has been hanging out on the end of my nose for the past week. 

Like Gwendomama, I don’t usually wear much makeup, but today I decided to put in a little effort.  Really, I went out Saturday night and since I don’t have any eye makeup remover (because I don’t need it ever) and there was still eyeliner left from Saturday (three showers and it was still hanging around) I decided to just reapply over the left overs.  So, an hour or so later, I took this photo after putting on a little tinted moisturizer, some eyeliner, mascara (!) and lipstick.


The bags are still under my eyes there, but by the time I drove to work things were a little better. 

For a brief time I dated a guy who was a model.  I brought him home to meet my mom once.  When we were leaving, he was out the door ahead of me and my mom was like OHMIGOD GOOD WORK, HONEY!  The funny thing about him, though, was that he was totally over looks.  The way he put it was that living near LA and working in the industry (modeling and commercials) had learned him well that people with flawless faces were actually not the people he generally wanted to hang around with.  I think he liked that I didn’t wear much make up and didn’t look radically different after washing my face.  And I *know* that we hit it off mostly because I was making him laugh.  Course, I was much younger then, and those bags hadn’t made an appearance yet.  (I hate them, I should just learn to love them now that they are part of my face, but I continue to think they suck.)  But, dating him definitely helped me to get over my face and its shortcomings uniqueness.  And we all know how the more you get to know and like someone, the more beautiful they get.  The opposite is true of people who are assholes.  They get ugly fast, don’t they, people who are mean? 

I was lucky enough to see Margaret Cho over the weekend.  She talked about beauty, and what she said between jokes was lovely.  It was amazing, sitting in the dark with thousands of people, all of us sitting up a little straighter, feeling pretty because Margaret said we were beautiful.   And she totally knows.

5 thoughts on “Called out

  1. Daisy

    My favorite part of the post is the humor in the first photo caption. “No, you can’t click on this and make it bigger!” That would be mine, but I would post it as a thumbnail!

  2. crockpot lady

    I just bought makeup remover for the first time today. Evidentally you aren’t supposed to wash your face with dial soap. nobody ever told me that.

    you are beautiful. from every single angle; in every lighting situation.


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