can’t stay away, it seems

I have to find someone to give this to next christmas.  Maybe Sophie secretly wears it, because she says the most surreal things of anyone I ever knew. 

I came up with a new phrase that I will not define for you, because, uh, of my audience and the fact that it may soon include my dad, who hasn’t been introduced to my sailor-talking tendencies, but the phrase is Blogjob and maybe Jess will explain it.  I’m not entirely sure WHAT it means, really, I just mistyped something uh, else.  Dad, if you are reading this don’t click.  Really, don’t.

I’m sure I’ll be around before I go, but go I am going to this friday.  I will be back on monday, late enough to call tuesday, really.  I will not see a computer the whole time I am away, I imagine.  I am planning to pack the great Japanese stationery that Marsha sent me to write to the kids at home.  Even though I’ll be back by the time they get their letters (which I will get to keep, because I can’t part with the paper goods).  Still they love to get mail.  Like me. 

And, if it didn’t sink in or I wasn’t clear: I am going away.  With my mom to visit family.  By ourselves.  I feel like I’m getting out on mini-parole.  I won’t have to wipe any behinds for three days.  Bliss. 

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