Continued assistance

I scored again!  Tonight while I did dishes, the girls cleaned the kitchen table and then fought over who was going to clean the cupboard doors.  Nathan asked if he could mop again, but I told him I’d rather he have a bath and wash his hair.   He was disappointed.

I am expecting to wake up any second now. 

The other day John and I stopped by Hole Foods to get me some vitamins.  I am apparently deficient, vitaminically.  The kids needed bath soap, so I bought them a bar of the yummy smelling Burt’s Bees baby soap that I used on all of them as babies.  It has a little bee logo stamped into it and Willow really loved that.  Tonight in the bath, she looked at the soap and got sad because the bee was gone.  Oh no! I said, Did it fly away?  She laughed a little and said, Naw, it just melted off.  She was so Sad — through and through.  I felt really bad for her with her now plain bar of soap.  She didn’t cry, but she kinda sighed and sniffed the soap again before putting it back.  Why did that stick with me all night? 

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