Day Seven

I am on day SEVEN of the master cleanse (I tried it once before) and I can’t decide if I’m embarrassed or proud of my self.   My guess is that I’m embarrassed, because when the checker at the grocery store says, Wow! That’s a LOT of lemons! You doin somethin with those? I say, Yep.  And when my friend/coworker says, Wanna go across the street and get a taco?  I say, Can’t! Too much work to do!  Because, really, who wants to say, Well, actually, I am living on just this spicy lemonade for ten days to try and see if I can get over this autoimmune disease already? Not me.  It’s a little bit kooky.  But, I swear to you that on day five the dark circles that have been under my eyes (no matter how much sleep I get) since I was a little kid went AWAY.

This deserves a pause.  It’s a big damn deal to me.

I guess that means I’m a little allergic to something I’m eating.  Or that my liver or my kidneys or something needed a break from all the coffee and booze.  I know my liver is all, THANK MAUDE, LADY.  IT’S NICE TO HAVE SOME BREATHING ROOM.  heh. 

So, anyway, I haven’t had coffee or booze or even food since last Friday when I had this:


asparagus, red potatoes, olive oil, garlic, basil, thyme, oregano, pink peppercorns, & alderwood smoked sea salt

That looks, uh, really, really good.  It’s making me drool.

Surprisingly, though, I am not hungry.  At all.  On Monday I got woozy, but I think it was from being on my computer too long.  I even did a couple of power yoga classes this week and felt great.  I haven’t lost much weight; maybe two pounds or so.  Given that my weight goes up and down by five pounds, that’s not really anything.   (Who am I kidding?  That kicks ass!)  Now I just have to decide how I’m going to eat (and drink) when I’m done with this next week.  I like the idea of sticking to a mostly raw and vegan diet, but on the other hand, BACON.  *sigh*  It’s so hard to say no.

3 thoughts on “Day Seven

  1. jean

    Hey, if this fast thing works for you who cares what the supermarket clerk thinks! Good luck. Do you feel any better yet?

  2. dana

    I was all geared up to try this Master Cleanse, it sounds great. Then I scrolled down and saw the photo of that delicious meal and thought, “forget that!” You mean I can’t eat?

    I wouldn’t last an hour. 😉


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