Don’t let the door hit you on the way out


miss willow

This weekend is the last weekend of soccer.  I don’t mind watching the kids play their games — I like it, really.  But I won’t miss having every Saturday already scheduled for me.  Now that I’m working full time, weekends are precious.  I have Shit To Do, you know?

But, maybe because I have so much Shit To Do, I have Not Much To Say.  I will tell you that Trader Joe’s sells this dark chocolate drizzled, peppermint candy mixed in, caramel kettle corn that is making me really happy to have taste buds.  (gluten AND dairy free y’all)

It’s 8:20, and Willow and I are about to go to bed.  Oh, yeah.  It’s definately Friday night.

that title was for soccer — not willow! 

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