Eye, yi yi

The doctor who looked at Nate’s eye injury today told him that he was a lucky guy, but Nate’s not really feeling that way.  He had such a rough day that instead of making him take a bath when he got home tonight, I let him chill out and play video games for a little bit before bedtime. 

A friend of his threw a paperback math workbook and it caught Nate just below his eye.  There was a little blood, from his skin, not his eye, a little swelling, and lots of blurred vision and pain.  I figured that he was okay, but I tend to take my kids in more often than not ever since that time that Lex’s arm was broken and I didn’t get him to the doctor until the next day.


This is very very funny.  I’ll never think about Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star the same way again. 

5 thoughts on “Eye, yi yi

  1. marian

    Hey Jen, so sorry to hear about Nate’s eye. Poor guy. Video games can be very healing….

    also, you need to remove the extra “http” from your link there.

  2. Michelle

    Yea, once bitten . . . you worry about THIS being the time they actually do have an ear infection and their hearing being damaged forever. Guilt guilt guilt . . .

  3. capello

    my boys are at the age now where they don’t take naps. and if they do, i completely lose it because that means they’ll be up till 10 o’clock, not to mention staring at them in disbelief wondering when are they going to wake up? when? how much time do i have? should i wake them up? WHAT SHOULD I DO?

    i’d much rather have them crash at 7 o’clock and have the rest of the night TO MYSELF.


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