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All my kids have them in spades.  So beautiful!

Jess writes about everyone being pissed off at her.  I know what she means.  I’ve just been alternating between not caring and wanting to crawl under a big rock. 

Willow slept in, and when she woke up she came and found me and said, "I’m soaked!"  I stripped her bed, then made her a big warm bubble bath, got her a cup of milk and myself a cup of coffee, and we both got in and played with the dozen rubber ducks that hang out there.  Later I just needed to get out of the house, so I put her in a summery dress and we went to the bookstore.  She came home with three coloring/sticker books, and right now she’s sitting quietly on the floor next to me playing with the Clifford the dog stickers.  The window is open and it’s so quiet outside; I can hear the wind in the leaves.    

6 thoughts on “eyelashes

  1. marian

    Too bad you can’t record days like that and play them back when, for example, everyone in the house is throwing up. Hard to imagine people being pissed at you!


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