first day of school



The boys were so excited to go to school this morning that Nate slept in his socks and then woke up and put his shoes on before his pants, and Lexy got completely dressed before getting up out of bed.  They are funny.  I wasn’t permitted to walk Lexy to his class, and when I kissed Nate on the cheek near his classroom he said, ‘What’ja do THAT for??’ 

I got a little teary outside Nate’s room.  I like his teacher though; she gave each kid a sticker on their way in the door and said she wanted either a handshake or a high-five as they walked in.  Of course Nate gave her a high-five, with a jump. 

In a bit we will go check out Sophie’s new preschool.  I know her teacher, since it’s the same program Lex was in, but I haven’t seen the new campus, which Miss T told me is much better than the old site.  She starts tomorrow, and I figure it would be good if I could find the place!

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  1. pangolin

    Our nine year old was so excited he got dressed for school the night before and wanted to sleep in his clothes. He mean old parents made him change into pajamas.


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