for jamie

who wants to know what I’m knitting.  Here’s one of the things I finished that I can show.  Mostly they are gifts and must be kept super secret for another few weeks.  I’ll post them all after the holidays, because I think there will be a lot!


NO!  Not the sweater, silly.  Just the hat.  Also, here is proof of Willow’s eye problem that the eye doctor wants me to treat by patching.  I still haven’t found patches, but only looked at one place so far.  I just dread trying to do it.  And I don’t think it will work, either. 

Nate is coughing and whimpering.  Time to go cuddle in the very uncomfortable, and full! bed.  I will make body #4.  Sometimes I am glad to be five feet tall.  Not usually, though, because I am forever pulling a muscle in my neck reaching for something in the kitchen.  Yes, I have a little ladder and a step stool, but also FOUR kids, so I don’t get those out too much. 

11 thoughts on “for jamie

  1. Jenny M

    You could knit a patch, cute little flowers, or one of each color to match each outfit, you could make this really super cute and fun for her. ?? Just a thought.

  2. Jamie

    So cute those girls…Super secret projects huh ? No fair..(I was looking for lucky recipients I hope Nate feels better soon..I agree its nice to be 5ft tall..I feel bad for hubby sometimes whose 6’3″ though when he complains that his feet get uncovered at night..I NEVER have that problem..I concure too with Jenny M…maybe you could make Willow a patch ..she might be more enthusiactic about wearing it if she can choose the colors ?

  3. Jenijen

    I have to use the bandage type patches that stick, because she does not want to wear it. But, I can get cute ones on line. The eye doctor told me (with a straight face) to use the patch at a time of the day when I wasn’t too busy for five or six hours when I could entertain her and take her mind off it.


    I’ll get right on that.

  4. capello

    Your doctor is INSANE. Five or six hours of free time? I didn’t even have that before I had kids.

    Her eye looks similar to Darwin’s — can she see out of it? Because if so patching should help. But patching, geesh, would be difficult to say the least.

    Best wishes!

  5. mamadaisy

    my son has the same problem with his eyes. patches work but they are an incredible pain to keep on. now we use homatropine drops in the good eye to blur the vision — much easier.

    you are a knitting machine! please come to my house and finish all my half-done projects (in your copious spare time). i have a lap blanket i’ve been working on for at least 8 years.

  6. Lin

    Those girls are darling and you are a knitting fool. Gorgeous wool, just beautiful. I don’t knit, but my mother has made the most exquisite things for my granddaughter, and my husband and kids and me and…she is a knitting demon too.

  7. katie

    I had a lazy eye and did wear a patch all through kindergarten. It was one of the bandage kind. (I also had drops and one lens of my glasses painted with clear nailpolish to make it blurry. Oh, yeah, and surgery.) ChaCha might have the same problem, and if so, we’re going to go the pirate route — yar!

  8. lorelei

    Is it just me, or does that picture of your 2 sweet things look a little like a picture of you and your husband?

    A little gender-bending I know, but they are so sweet and warm and gently loving the way they are together. It reminds me of pictures I’ve seen of you and John. Lovely girls, either way!

  9. Laura

    Oh, the patches! I wore a patch for several years due to a lazy eye and man did I hate it. It did fair little to correct my vision too. Promise you’ll let her take it off for pictures? I still cringe when I see pictures of little ‘ole patched me.


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