Friday = Red


It's Autumn Color week, and instead of taking any new pictures, I lugged my camera around all week and then made do with what I already had.  I feel like that person who is mumble singing along to a song they don't really know, maybe a little loudly, and then even more loudly during the chorus.  You know; you want to follow along and join in so very badly, but just can't quite make it happen.  

It's been nice, though, to look through past photos.  I don't generally make time to do that.  The present swallows up all my time and then burps, licks its claws, looks at me; hands me a long list of all the things I should have done that day.

Pictures above are:

  • berries on a bush in the wintertime, taken on the way home from the park with the kids
  • a tree near where I used to always park my car for school drop offs and pick ups
  • a firework stand where FM 1417 hits 82 just outside Sherman, Texas
  • Lex's new Vans when he started 6th grade
  • the buoy bell, seal hang out in Monterey Bay (that's a recent one from a boat trip with SG)
  • a fortune teller swag thing (from BlogHer Chicago 07)
  • a tree on my street a few autumns ago
  • Radio Flyer trike pedal
  • a tulip
  • a paper lantern in Chinatown, San Francisco
  • little Sophie hands
  • a window near La Seu Cathedral, Barcelona
  • another Barcelona window, in an industrial neighborhood near the Poblenou Cemetery
  • the felt heart and twig mobile Lex and I made when he was in preschool
  • Chinatown, SF sign
  • Barcelona alleyway 

I think, though, that these are my very most favorite red photos:


Willow in November of 2007

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