froggy morning

froggy morning
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Willow says that it’s froggy outside from all the water in the air. The kids love being out in the thick fog, how it makes the tall trees look all spooky. I love it, too.

My dad is in the hospital and I’m worried about him. He’s doing okay, it isn’t (I don’t think) anything life-threatening, but damn. I hate being so far away and not getting good information about what’s happening. No one knows what’s up so it’s just waiting and waiting through tests that he’s had before and no one can explain anything.

Nathan’s stitch came out all on its own last Saturday night. He’s practically better. He’ll never try and cut a pencil in half with an x-acto knife again, even if his sister dares him.

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  1. Suebob

    Sending good thoughts for you and your dad.

    I don’t know if you do this sort of thing, but if you ever need positive, non-dogmatic prayer support, Silent Unity will pray with you at any time of day or night…1-800-NOW-PRAY. No salesman will visit your home. They are just really nice.


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