Fun on a school night


Yesterday afternoon, Gwendomama appeared in my cubicle with boxes of her killer chocolate baked goods that she traded to the BlogHer offices in exchange for me.  We left for San Francisco at the scandalous hour of 4 o’clockish, found our hotel and dropped off our things, and were shopping at American Rag (with one eye on BevMo) by 5:30.  Hmmm. If you click on the link to American Rag and read the copy, you will see that I am older than their target demographic.  I am a pre-Nirvana thrift store shopper.  Whatever.  I bought the VeryBestDress I have ever put on my body, (1960’s ? red velvet, short sleeves, swingy skirt, want to lick it is so, so Pretty) and I did it while on a rather important conference call.  A rather important conference call during which I also had the following conversation with the guy at BevMo about the big bottles of Belgian gluten-free beer:

BevMo Guy: Uh, this is pretty good, but it’s, like, six bux a bottle.
Me, The Asshole on Her iPhone:  Holds up two fingers and whispers, OKAY. GIMMETWOTHANX

I was totally listening to my call, though.  I am uber-professional.  Gwendolyn is rolling her eyes.

A little bit later, the BossOfSeattle arrived and we hoofed it over the hill to Japantown so we could shop at Ichiban Kan.   By the way, that link to Ichiban was the best ever performance I’ve seen from — from 146 characters down to 25.  Well done, TinyURL!  The kids were SO happy with what I brought from Ichiban, they hardly even hate me for having the nerve to go do something fun without them.  Pocky saves the day!  Actually, it saved the day twice, because tonight Willow asked me for some grapes, strawberries, and milk, and I was way too lazy to wash the fruit so I said, Why don’t you just have some Pocky? and she said, Thanks! I loves these hockey pucks!

After Ichiban we really needed to eat, because one of us had not eaten anything that day, except for roughly seventeen blue corn unsalted organic chips, and it was now 8pm.  And, that one of us had consumed six bux worth of Belgian gluten-free beer and frankly had become rilly obnoxious. 

We had dinner at a great Indian restaurant, where I drunkenly twittered from my cell phone:
  at Indian restaurant -full & loopy& redE 4 bed.  Instead of bed, however, I got into bar(s).  I took blurry photos with my phone and sent them to flickr.  I titled at least one of them "whoooooo."  Because I am not a mean drunk, I am a fourteen-year-old drunk.  Also, I wandered into the back kitchen at Tommy’s, and the guys there brought me back out to the front and kinda announced Does this drunken girl belong to anyone here?  Luckily, Gwendolyn and the BoS claimed me and took me home to bed, where I eventually went to sleep with a trash can at the ready.

In the morning, I somehow miraculously got up and out into the gorgeous San Francisco light where I did not take photos because I had several bags to carry and was feeling shy about taking pictures for some reason.  Kristy came and picked my sorry ass up and drove me all the way to work, thus saving me from the train.  Because she is awesome and nice.  Nicer, even, than ME.  I was cursing myself for forgetting my sunglasses (I also forgot clean socks, but the BoS gave me a pair), but it was great riding up with her because we never get to talk for as long as I want.

Tonight Willow helped me pick up a little bit outside.  We’ve got big plans to clean up the house this weekend, and I wish that I had the week or four that it would take to REALLY get things in shape.  I am going to wrap up my work day and get some sleep.  I am TIRED.


2 thoughts on “Fun on a school night

  1. gwendomama

    i can’t believe you got to this before i did. okay, well i can. because i just NOW sobered up.
    you are more of an acute drunk. i like to spread it out over a few days. hahaha. can you imagine my hangover?

    you are typing TOO LOUDLY.


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