glad I didn’t have breakfast yet

Willow just walked up to me with her finger in her nose.  Then the finger went from nostril to mouth.  She paused a moment, looked at me and said, "I eat nose!" 

"Ewwwww, yicky!" I said, "Don’t do that, please."

She did it again, then said, "Ummmm, yum!"

I’m going to go get her some chocolate and teach her about yum.

6 thoughts on “glad I didn’t have breakfast yet

  1. jenny

    ummm… let me go put my bag lunch back into the fridge at work.

    guess i’ll eat my burrito later. i don’t feel so hungry anymore!


  2. Daria

    Hmmm yummm. Dear God please never let me see my kid eat their nose, yeah right! I bet V will aim for a crowded eatery when he discovers yummy nose.
    btw Thank you for your comment on my blog. you are right it is okay for kids to see us be upset, he’s not going to remember it. Hmm should i photoshop a picture so gramps and V are together. maybe not

  3. Belinda

    HA! Yes, please. Chocolate. QUICKLY. Bella’s favorite is to stick her finger suddenly in my face, “treat” attached, and say, “MOMMY, I got a booger-nose!”


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