Going down the dip with you


Don’t you love how much bluer the sky looks in autumn?  Maybe it’s just the contrast of the orange and red and yellow leaves against it, or maybe it’s some fall equinoxy atmospheric thing.  Whatever — I don’t need to know why, I just love seeing it.

Willow and I were driving home from preschool and she was, again, screeching at me to "get on da fweeway," which I finally figured out means that she wants to take the road to the school where John teaches.  The school is up a mountain highway, and there’s this wicked dip that we always take a little too fast so everyone’s stomachs will drop out from beneath them.  She asks me to drive her there because she knows we go by the turnoff as we go from her school to our house.  I never take her, though, because I have Stuff To Do.  I should take her, but I know that once wouldn’t cut it and she’d just keep asking for more.   Last week on our drive home, she cried and cried and cried for "da fweeway."  Then she got quiet and tried to bargain by asking "da twoway, den?"

Tomorrow we have to go to her school, even though she doesn’t have class, to pick up her school pictures.  Maybe, if I’m not too cranky, we’ll take the fweeway on our way back.  I find it really hard to balance my time between play and work.  I’m afraid that too much play time would make my life crash down around my ears, so I over correct and work too much.

Tomorrow my to-do list is going to start with "schedule massage."  I feel better already.

7 thoughts on “Going down the dip with you

  1. jen3 @ amazing triplets

    A massage is a great thing. Gosh, I wish I could go get one, too!

    I agree – the sky IS bluer in the fall. Not sure why, perhaps because all of the leaves are coming off the trees and you can see it more. Fall is my favorite time of year. Rivaled only by summer, spring and winter.


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