Grace In Small Things: 4 of 365

  1. Jolie Holland’s music.
  2. A red-tailed hawk sitting on a streetlight in the rain, looking down over the highway.
  3. A quiet, rainy morning.
  4. I was almost to work when I saw an older woman in a motorized
    scooter trying to cross the street at the crosswalk.  She had bright
    decorations all over her scooter, and a giant rainbow colored paneled
    umbrella to keep her dry in the rain, but her scooter quit working when
    she was about a quarter of the way across the street.  I was a few cars
    back in the stack of two lanes of cars waiting for her to cross.  One
    of the guys at the head of the line jumped out of his truck and ran
    over to her, smiled at her and helped her all the way across the four
    lanes of waiting cars and up to the sidewalk.  He made sure that she
    was going again before coming back to his truck, and everyone on the
    street just waited for him.  It was so NICE. 
  5. Remembering that I made this video ages ago (it takes a little bit to buffer, because I put way too many photos in it)
  6. Having five things that made me happy before lunchtime (and there are actually way more than five)

Grace In Small Things

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