Grace In Small Things: 6 of 365

1. Shark teeth. Willow hasn’t lost any baby teeth, but two permanent teeth are mostly in. She thinks it’s awesome.

2. Half-assed blogging in bed with iPhone.

3. Hot chocolate made with Ibarra.

4. An egret floating over the freeway on a draft. Not flapping its wings, the wind strong enough to keep it hovering in one place. It was getting dusk and the white feathers nearly glowed.

5. Finding out that there is a second work from home day being added to my week.Grace In Small Things: 6 of 365

5 thoughts on “Grace In Small Things: 6 of 365

  1. jenijen

    i am trying to get her to pull them out, because if she doesn’t, the dentist will on thursday. she doesn’t know that yet, tho. and i don’t want to tell her because she will FLIP right out.

    but,yeah, happy that she likes it and that no egrets (or other flying things) found their way into her mouth 🙂

  2. susan

    My son had that and our dentist wouldn’t pull then, he just told me to have him wiggle the front teeth til they fell out! I made a special trip to the dentist for that!


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