Happy Birthday! Scared yet?

Poor Willow. She told me for weeks that she wanted to go to Chuckie cheeze for her birthday. I realized, as she shook with terror and screamed “I GO HOME NOW!” over and over while the other kids hung out with what we call “the big rat,” that since some of her siblings pick to go there for their parties she thinks that’s just what you do on your birthday.

The family party at home later was more her speed, but really pretty boring, I’m afraid. Oh well. The cake was good and she got a new playhouse. Photos to follow if the camera will behave.

The pseudo-springtime is over and now it’s going to be windy and rainy all week. I shouldn’t complain, really, but it feels a little bit like going back to fake maple syrup on your pancakes because the real stuff isn’t available. You know?

4 thoughts on “Happy Birthday! Scared yet?

  1. Candy

    Oh wow! My now 13 year old was TERRIFIED of Chuckie Cheese when he was five-ish. And yet, he would continually beg me to take him. We would go and he’d have to sit facing the stage, so that Chuckie couldn’t sneak up on him from behind. He would scream the minute the show began and if Chuckie even thought about walking towards us, it was an all out panic attack.

    Ahh the good ole days, LOL..

  2. elayne

    Awwww! Pobracita! ((((snuggles)))) to Miss Willow.

    TJ was similarly terrified of CeC when he was little; I’ll have to dig up the “get me out of here NOW” picture from his second (third?) birthday. He tried to climb me to get away; I probably still have boob damage from that, heh.

  3. jenny r

    Can I tell you a little story? In high school I worked a few months at Chuck E Cheese, only then it was Showbiz. The one girl in the party was so scared, I thought it would help for her to know it’s only a person inside. So I usher her (and parent) to the back where the mouse took his head off and squatted down to her level. I think that made things worse – a mouse taking off his head. Really!

    My daughter is just barely getting over her people-in-character-costume-phobia lately. She hugged Hello Kitty at the mall! Japanese characters are far more enchanting.

    PS Poor sweet Willow.


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