Happy Easter!



We had a fantastic time coloring eggs. The kids hate eating the yolk, which Sophie calls ‘egg cheese,’ and yeah, that does sound icky, so I get to eat the yolks myself without having to eat the whites, cause we all know the whites are ewww, gross. Really I think that eggs are just a vehicle for salt. I once told John that we’d be a happier family if we put a salt lick in the kitchen. Lexy wouldn’t eat a hard boiled egg for anything, but when Sophie ate one of the ones he colored he was so. pissed. at. her. Ownership issues.

Saturday we finally made it over to the new, semi-local library. We pass it on the way somewhere a couple of times a week, and have been meaning to go for awhile. I remember when that area was a vineyard, and there weren’t any houses there at all. (You tend to hear people who have lived here for more than fifteen years say that all the time.) But, the library is very nice and light and the children’s section is set up for kids, with lots of intresting seats that are low to the ground and computers with child-friendly internet access. The boys both got library cards and we checked out their twenty or so items at the computer checkout, which they liked. Lexy got some books on the Wright Brothers, inspired by listening to Boomerang. See child, see child want to learn. Feel happy!

After that we headed over the hill to meet friends at the beach for dinner. Shortly before we arrived the fog rolled in and brought its friends, wind and freezingfuckingcold, to play with the tourists. If we didn’t have the tiny ones, it would have been fun to hang out and snuggle up. But we had tiny ones with chattering teeth so we hiked back to the van, me with an oversized tote stuffed with towels and suits we didn’t need that I smacked into several people walking in the opposite direction who were too cold to notice, and went to our friends’ house. We set up camp on the back deck, and sang songs around the outdoor fireplace and ate garlic ice cream from Marianne’s. It was surprisingly good. Nathan loved it. Lexy was angry at the lack of vanilla and would not try even the more normal flavors (banana, peanut butter cup). The main thing, though, was that the kids and grown-ups got to reconnect with some favorite friends who live just far enough away to make visiting too infrequent. We plan to take a little weekend vacation together this fall. I really hope it works out.

Here are a couple of things to add to the list of stuff that is very very worrisome indeed:

prozac in the drinking water in britan

california milk contains rocket fuel

Today John cleaned up and vaccumed and washed windows while I sat on my ass reading the paper. Later we got groceries and went to my mom’s house to visit (use the printer, yes, but visit, too). They are in the middle of a bathroom remodel. Not fun, but it will be really great when it’s done. When we got home I made banana muffins, fake tuna salad for John’s lunch the next coupla days, and veggie tofu stir fry with this teriyaki sauce. That stuff makes anything taste good. Lexy and Nate both loved the muffins. Lexy even asked for another. Wow.

School starts in three weeks. I hope that the boys have incredibly patient nice teachers and make some new wonderful friends. They both need that.

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