happy solstice

It’s summer solstice again.  Last year before solstice I was reading Circle Round, planning our little ceremony that never happened, but was to include writing things down (things we wanted to accomplish, or things we wanted to move on from? I don’t remember) and then burning them.  Seems like the year flew by, but the individual days mostly dragged on.  Especially all the sick days.  I’m thinking that maybe I can take another try with my copy of Circle Round and get it together for the autumn equinox, which will happen right about the time that I turn 35.  Taking the focus off of me would be most welcome!  It’s odd that even though I know that I’m not really old, and that in fifteen or twenty years I’ll look back on this time and think of it as when I was ‘young,’ I’m having a hard time with the whole concept of being thirty five.  Maybe it’s moving on to that older demographic.  You know, on questionnaires you check the age box and there’s one for 18-34.  I like checking that box.

Today I played the sponge bob video game with (and for awhile, without) Nathan.  We took turns playing until we beat the game.  It was very fun, but after I slack off for more than an hour I get all antsy about it.  Tomorrow I will probably be a tornado and try to make up for my lounging.  I already have the dishwasher and washing machine running right now.   I cleaned up the kitchen table, swept, took out the garbage.  There was a time when that would have been lots, but these days it’s not even the bare minimum.  Lexy wants to help, but not with the things he’s able to do well.  It’s hard for me to let him wash the dishes, because I know it won’t be done like I want it.  But, I need to let him do it.  Just like I let Sophie draw the faces on her fairies that we made today from pipe cleaners and beads.  They look freaky, in a cute way.  I’ll get pictures when I have the camera.  John and I share one, and we have a kind of loose joint custody thing going. 

Today Willow got a big blanket and brought it over to some little chairs in the living room and said to me, "Hideout!"  She loves playing with the older kids.  I already made plans to make a hideout for the girls, and hope to get the materials together this week.  I’m copying something that my brother and I had as children, which I still have, that’s like a tablecloth with four sides that hang down low to make a little house out of a card table.  I measured the card table we have, and made a fairly detailed sketch of what I need to do.  It will have one real window next to where the door outline goes, plus three window outlines on the other sides.  I hope that the fabric I like is cheap, since I need over twelve yards.  If I do all the window and door outlines I have planned I’ll need over thirty three yards of some kind of half inch border.  I’ll be checking out the sale tables!

I ought to sleep, since I am getting ANOTHER cold.  Grrrrrr.  Just finished the sinus infection and ear infection from the last one, which came on the tail end of the one right before that.  Enough already!

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