Have a great summer, K.I.T!

So I’ll be at Kepler’s in Menlo Park (CA) tomorrow night as part of the Sleep is for the Weak (click and buy – I’m on the royalty plan & I have no shame.  None.) book tour.  We had a signing in San Francisco during the BlogHer conference, and I got there realizing I had no clue what to write in people’s books.  Because, honestly?  That’s just not something I’m comfortable with.  I made a joke about signing yearbook cliches, and Liz signed something in mine about loving having me in Trig class with her, or maybe AP Calculus, which just shows that she didn’t actually go to high school with me.  (My signed copy is at home and I’m at work, "working" (and now possibly busted for not, heh) so I can’t check.)  Anyway, I don’t remember (because Hello, Champagne) if she heard me or if she just felt the exact same way.  Whatever.  Come meet me at Kepler’s and I will write a note in your book about that fun time we cut class to take sleeping pills, drink Diet Coke, smoke Benson&Hedges Deluxe Ultra-Light Menthols, and listen to Depeche Mode, The Smiths, and The Cure while we worked on our tans (OMG, totally topless!) in that one girl’s backyard.  Or something.

8 thoughts on “Have a great summer, K.I.T!

  1. GraceD

    Dude, you forgot to mention the time we drank cough syrup straight up from the bottle. Good times!

    Speaking of good times – see you tonight, beautiful. We’ll act all grown up and have our adult libations from the bar.



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