I dearly love the state of Texas,

but I consider that a harmless perversion on my part, and discuss it only with consenting adults.  ~ Molly Ivins. 

Last week I packed up a couple of suitcases and took the kids to Texas, where I’m from.  They were so excited to see family, to fly, to have a vacation.

Movie star Willow on the plane to Dallas Soph and her lollipop on the way to Dallas Headed to Dallas

Baby Max was there.

Sweet, blurry Max

And they got to see both their great-grandmothers, my grandmothers, for the first time in six years.

Jay and me with our grandmother and our kiddos Alex and Grandmommie

My father’s mother turned 90, and her latest book was recently released.  Just about the whole family came to celebrate with her.  All summer SG brought back shells when he went diving, and the kids collected them on the shore.  We put the best ones in a vase for her birthday gift.

Birthday Present 

Ever since I can remember, my grandmother has collected shells.  She liked the gift very much.

I’ve been really (really) missing my dad in the two years since I saw him last.  It was much too short of a visit, but instead of complaining I will start planning for the next trip.

Dad & Me (2)

It seemed like the kids had my camera the entire time, which meant I didn’t get all the portraits I’d hoped to and I never did photograph that old brick drive-thru doughnut shop sign.  But the upside was that we ended up with pictures I love but wouldn’t have shot.

Texas august 09 269 

And, my mom’s mother gave me a bunch of old photographs.  Some of them I’d never even seen before.  

Dad and me Christmas

Jay and me

Mom, me & Jay

Tooty & her father

1. My dad and me on Christmas morning.  2. My little brother and me on the merry-go-round (my kids all used that blanket, too — I’d better get that over to Max).  3. My mom, my brother and me.  4. My grandmother and her father. 

SG is on his way over to help me clean out my garage.  That man must be in some serious love, I tell you what. 

Music videos for your Saturday by the Be Good Tanyas.  xoxo

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  1. jenijen

    Haha, Jill — he does need a warning. And in person, he makes those cute baby coos. Totally dangerous.

    Hi Ari & thanks – Max makes it easy. I miss Texas again, even though it’s still summer


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