I pity the fool

Wow, am I ever in a bad mood.  I threw a tantrum tonight.  I didn’t stomp, but I did slam the front door and say through teeth so clenched that my jaw is still aching, I am really, really, REALLY mad

THAT showed them.

To bad I couldn’t think of any Mr. Tisms to throw down.  Like, for instance, this one:

I don’t even know what my problem is.  (Well, that’s patently untrue; I know several reasons that I’m cranky, but I’m sure as hell not going to blog about PMS and zits, or the angst of being born on the cusp of two very different astrological signs.)

Anyway, I mostly got over myself and made burgers and fries for the kids even though it’s 90 degrees in our house and fries meant that I had to turn on the oven.  Actually, burgers meant standing over a hot stove and, well, flipping burgers, which is also not enjoyable in the heat.  I don’t like getting splattered by hot grease, either.  Thank maude for gluten free beer.  I’m cringing because part of my tantrum was to dramatically skip my yoga class, which on top of being a ridiculously stupid thing to do (it’s the not going to yoga that makes me crankier than anything else) is just obnoxious as hell.  At least the way I did it was.  It’s somekind of twisted, faux-martyr, oh poor me crap.  Tomorrow I will not miss, and maybe I’ll sneak in a Wednesday and Thursday night class just to be on the safe side.   Yoga is my mood stabilizer.   Plus, I don’t think anyone here wants me around for the next few days anyhow.

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