I think I have a little bit of performance anxiety.  I read too many well-written words.   Plus, my brain is jumbly with stuff to do and stuff to worry about lately.  Not exactly compelling thinking, much less reading. 

I’m trying to find time to take photos here and there, just to be doing something creative.




It’s getting springy around here.  The sun hangs around longer in the late afternoon.  My kids go out to play in just t-shirts, the windows can be open for most of the afternoon, the fruit trees are starting to bloom.  There’s a lump in one of the daffodil plants out front that will open soon if the squirrels don’t eat it. 

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  1. QSMama / Lea

    I know what you mean—the more beautiful stuff you read, the more you want everything that spills out of your head to be that good. Sometimes, though, there’s just not the time. Or you’re just not feeling it.

    Lately everything I write comes out all stilted and scientific. That’s exactly the opposite of what I want. The brain cells just aren’t functioning….

    What I see here is quite good, though. 🙂 Found you (again) through the alltop.com mommy page, where my blog is, too. That’s pretty cool, isn’t it? I’ll take a tiny bit of Guy Kawasaki’s halo any day.

    – Lea


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