This post really opened my eyes to something about my second son.  He has an insatiable desire to watch, read and play scary things.  Could it have anything to do with all the regular boy reasons AND having an older brother?   I feel better, and am very interested in reading part two.

Willow was playing with the playmobile ambulance the other day and talking about her ambulance ride and horrible hospital visit.  When we were there, they wanted a urine sample.  I could not convince her to pee in the cup, so the nurses put in a catheter.  It was AWFUL.  She was terrified and in pain and I felt like such a traitor for helping to hold her down.  It took forever, and when the results came back, the doctor (we always get him and he’s so fucking smug I want to squish him with a giant high-heeled shoe) said that her urine was fine, though there was some blood in it, but that was probably from getting the sample.  Ya think??  So, the other day while she was talking about riding in her carseat in the "am-ball-ance," she stopped and looked up at me and said, "Dey stoled my peepee," then went back to playing.  I’m glad she’s able to work it out through her play, but it breaks my heart a little when she says things like that. 

This morning when I went in to wake up the boys for school, I saw that Lex was sleeping with his skateboard and Nate was snuggled up to a giant stack of YuGiOh cards.  Who needs teddy bears? 

I got tagged by Capello to do the ten simple pleasures thing.  So, I’m going to go take some photos while babyO sleeps and the girls draw and watch a video. 

2 thoughts on “I43

  1. capello

    That’s so sad, they stole her pee pee. Seems like she’s working through it well, though.

    Griffin told me yesterday that he doesn’t like people “touching” his body. WTF? I asked him so questions and it turned out he did like to be told what to do. Why didn’t someone tell me this parenting thing would be difficult?

  2. marian

    Hey, thanks for the link. Breaks my heart too that dey stolled her pee-pee. I won’t starting ranting about doctors and hospitals, but that kind of thing really burns me.


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