I’m a runner!

I admit I felt a little bit proud of myself this morning at 5:30 when I started up the van to go to the gym.  John found me in the girl’s bed at 5:15, and I got right up and dressed.  We only have one alarm clock and there is no telling what bed I’ll wake up in when the morning arrives, so

okay, it’s six hours later now so I’ll finish this post. . .

I just set the one in our room and hoped I’d be there in the morning.  Maybe tomorrow.  Anyhow, I got to the gym at 5:40 and the parking lot was crowded!  I went inside and was SHOCKED to see somewhere between 80 and 100 people working out.  At five fucking forty a.m.!!!  I had no idea this sub-culture existed.  Suddenly, I felt like a slacker, because my mom, SHE gets to the gym at 4:30.  IN THE MORNING.  And, she told me it starts to get crowded around 5:30, but I didn’t know she meant crowded, crowded. 

I’m planning to go back tomorrow.  Because running every morning is cheaper and better for me than antidepressants.  And even though we owe lots of family members, in fact — people who read this very page — lots of money, when the tax refund comes, I am getting this.  In white.  Because I need it. 

This afternoon when John got home I hit the road running.  I had to go to agency A, get a paper, take it to agency B and get it signed, bring it back to agency A and hand it in.  I left here at 4:22.  Agency A is open till 5:30, but B is only open till 5:00.  There is also an agency C, where I had my fingerprints taken.  All this is so I can take care of my little baby O

I’m confusing even my own self here.  Let me explain:  In order to care for baby O, I needed to register with a county-run program.  They required that I get fingerprinted, have a background check done, and fill out some papers.  I did everything, except that when I gave baby O’s mom the papers that she so graciously turned in to agency A for me, I didn’t realize that I needed to have this one part filled out by the folks at agency B.  So, agency A called me and asked if I’d come get the paper and have it completed and then bring it back.  I went to do that today.  With me?

I got to agency B with five minutes to spare and I was so relieved.  Because these places are downtown and I’m not a good driver.  I am a bad driver, in fact.  But when I got to agency B, I didn’t have the form from agency C.  So, I left empty handed, wondering what I had done with the paper.  I remembered that the woman at C had filled it out for me.  I knew I’d brought it home with me.  I came home and searched EVERYWHERE I could think of, but no dice.  Then, when I was driving the kids over to visit with their dad for dinner, it hit me:  The girl at agency A had my paper, because I was a good citizen and turned it in.  But, she didn’t realize that I needed it at agency B along with the paper that agency B needed to sign.  SO, tomorrow I will go to agency A, get the paper, go to B, get it signed, then deliver it all back to A. 

My point is that agency C took my fingerprints and added them to the national database.  This all means that I can’t go on a big crime spree, because my fingerprints are on file and it’ll all catch up with me. 

And I could have gotten away with it, too, if it weren’t for those darn kids. . .

8 thoughts on “I’m a runner!

  1. capello

    Oooooo… I’m totally jealous if you even *potentially* getting an Ipod Nano. I suffer (suf-fer) at the gym trying to read the little closed captioning to shows I know nothing about. And if I wanted to take my own music, I’d have to make myself a cassette (what’s that?) and then get one of those old-school cassette players (huh?) out of my box labeled “Laura Capello, 1987.”

    And good for you for going to the gym this morning! I go when the kids go to bed. And I don’t go often enough.

  2. Mom

    4:30 AM is not really that early for a post-menopausal woman. We don’t really sleep, anyway. We just close our eyes and pretend, hoping that even a little “pretend sleep” will keep those dark circles (and suitcases) under our eyes from getting worse. At least since I’ve given in after 8 years of hot flashes and started HRT, my pretend sleep doesn’t feel like I’m pretending in a blast furnace 3 or 4 times a night!


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