I broke my computer and I blame Elayne.  See, long ago I mailed a cd to her and it never arrived.  So, I put aside another one to mail to her.  That part of the story ends there, since I never followed through and mailed the damn thing.  I have to have a few things handy to berate myself for when I can’t think of anything else, and I guess that was destined to be one of them.  In any event, I finally made and mailed a cd to another friend and I also made a copy for myself.   ended up with an extra copy of it because I kept messing up.  Oh well.  I was listening to the cd and I was noticing just how very depressing it is, and, you know, I figured I ought to send a copy to Elayne, too.

Here’s what happened.  I put a blank cd into the cd burner.  The cd burner has a broken eject button, so to open it you must click on ‘my computer’ then right click on the cd drive icon and select ‘eject.’  Easy enough.  There was some sort of error with the ‘my computer’ program, and not only did the cd not record, I couldn’t figure out how to get into the system to open the drive.  So I did what any person who doesn’t really know shit about computers would do: I restarted the machine.  With the blank cd in the drive.  Which the computer was determined to boot off of.  You see the problem.  Sigh.

I put a call in to my brother, the generous, kind brother who gave me this very computer just last week.  He came over after being called into work to deal with three, THREE, YIKES! different sorts of viruses and worms that had hit the office that morning.   He fixed everything!  Yay!  So, now I can try again tomorrow to make a cd for Elayne.  Remind me to mail it.  In fact, Elayne, email me your address. 

It always gets late too fast.  I have lots to do after the kids are in bed.  I don’t need daylight savings time; I need fourteen hour long nights!

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