I didn’t get carded at the BlogHer launch party in San Francisco on Monday night, but I had a good time anyway.  See for yourself. 

But, more importantly, see the new BlogHer site.  It is very very good. 

And Grace, she deserves a MEDAL a big shiny valuable medal, not only for driving me all over the Bay Area, but for listening to me go on
and on
and on
and on
and on some more. 

Thank you Grace! 

And, I will spill a bean (just one) if you keep reading. 


Oh yes, it was that Billy.  Who, is really not a Billy.  He was totally Andrew, and so down to earth that I forgot about the whole thing, with Georgia and all that other stuff. 

Also, how happy was I to be lucky enough to get to take this picture?


That is Mrs. Kennedy and Heather Armstrong!  And, really them, not like that cardboard cutout of Bartles and James that was in the fast food place I worked at when I was sixteen that we’d all pose for pictures by.

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  1. capello

    Is Andrew standing on a stool or something? Becuase I though Heather was tall and he is stooping do-own.

    And WTF does Andrew have to do with BlogHer?


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