I love that bullseye so much I’m teary


I got something wonderful today.  Something I’ve been wanting and thinking about for over a year.  I went to tarjay, for diapers to get out of the house, and there at the end of an aisle, marked down to $4.98 each!!!!!! were three boxes of you-assemble-it CUBBIES!!  My heart started beating really fast as I read over the measurements on the box.  16x16x16.  Would that be big enough, I wondered?  I opened up an already opened box and slid out one of the pieces and thought hard about the size of our backpacks and decided that YES BY GOD I FINALLY AM GOING TO HAVE CUBBIES AND FOR LESS THAN TWENY BUCKS!

You just don’t know how much I have thought about this.  I finally decided that I would go to home despot and get lumber and make them, but as D told me, I knew it would be expensive.  Several times, I have fallen asleep at night thinking about cubbies.  It was awful.  Now the problem is that I bought the only three they had, and didn’t have time to go to the other store for more (oh tomorrow, I will, I will go) and one of the three I bought has no hardware.  So I need to exchange one and buy as many more as I can find.  That moment, of seeing the cubbies there, in all their perfect cheapness, it was right up there with the other revelation I had this week: 

Next spring, if Willow is potty savvy, I can put both the girls in the preschool program that Nate and Sophie did at a local high school child development program.  It meets twice a week for about ten weeks, and only costs something like thirty bucks.  For three hours each time.  Oh wow.  If it works out, I can grocery shop, take care of van issues, sew, clean the house, go to costco.  And Tarjay, mustn’t ever forget Tarjay!

6 thoughts on “I love that bullseye so much I’m teary

  1. Daria

    Tarjey is the best! If we had one near us I would be blowing all my husbands money on cheap things. Hmmm maybe a trip to the Tarjey in MA is in order, three hours of driving for stuff, good stuff.
    BTW the little hairdresser looks adorable with the new haircut.

  2. Dixie

    Now that sounds like a stellar day all around! I think I need to find cubbies on my own for my kitchen hallway. I have this goofy sort of hallway that leads to my new kitchen and it may need a little cubby action.

  3. mamadaisy

    Oh how I would love to once again skip through the aisles at Target! I miss it so. I’m almost ready to dispose of my last shred of dignity and get a beepy cart so I can go shopping again.

    Now if only we had a Trader Joe’s in town, my consumer life would be complete.

  4. David Mehrtens

    Why did I search Tarjey in google? I have no idea, school is obviously getting more boring than I ever imagined.

    Ahh yes another satisfied customer at Tarjey!
    (I’m a checkout ‘chick’ at Target hehe)



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