I only cried a little.

  I only cried a little. 
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But really my heart is kinda broken.  I didn’t want to cut Willow’s hair, but she hardly ever lets anyone brush it and she always pulls her pigtails out.  It was forever in her eyes and scruffy.  Her baby curls are in my purse, wrapped up in a kleenex.  I haven’t taken them out yet, because I know I’ll cry.  I was thrilled to see her out of diapers and not even really totally sad when I weaned her.  But, oh. good. Lord. her first haircut has undone me.  I’m so sad.  I guess it’s because every time I look at her it literally hits me in the face that she’s not a baby anymore.  Before I know it, she’ll be shrieking at me in the aisles of Tarjay, like Sophie was just moments ago, that I’m the biggest stupid idiot mother she has ever had the misfortune of knowing, and that I’m making her so mad that she wants to punch me in the stomach. 

Someday Sophie will learn that is NOT the way to get me to buy a) toys, or, b) candy.  Someday.  And someday I’ll learn that it’s worth three or four trips to Tarjay to exchange shoes BY MYSELF, to save myself from shopping there with the Young & Demanding.


12 thoughts on “I only cried a little.

  1. jenny

    i’m sure you know by now how much i love your two little girls… i still remember reading about willow’s birth and she’s already getting haircuts?!?

    There’s this korean drama called My Sassy Girl… try to get your hands on it! Every time I read your blurbs about Sophie, I picture her to grow up just like the main character in the movie.

  2. marian

    Oh god, totally. I gave up ever shopping with Max when he was little. What’s the point?

    Around here the old folks call kids like Sophie “a pistol.” She’s such a pistol, they say. I don’t know why I just thought of that. Maybe because I’ve been up since 3 a.m.

    willow does look sooooo grown up.

  3. jenB

    they are both so darling and cute! i often wish i could keep mine in a hermetically sealed babyhood forever too. so cute right now. specially since she is my only baby. perhaps i will get a kitten? 🙂

  4. mamadaisy

    oh, she looks absolutely beautiful! (they both do, of course). i know how hard it is to let go of the babyhood. my last and final baby is almost finished weaning himself, and i must say it leaves me weepy and nostalgic, not to mention missing the easy caloric output of nursing.

  5. Marsha

    Mine hates to have her hair combed and has to have it cut as well. I was so torn about it at first, she has lovely blond curls. But, it is so thick and takes forever to comb and what is the point of forcing her to have long hair and go through agonizing hair brushing sessions every day?

    The hair cut does make Willow look so grown up. I am sending prayers that Sophie is going through her rebellious years now and will be a sweet and docile teen.

  6. Caloden

    The new do is super cute.

    That feeling of having them grow up can be such a punch in the gut.

    But the argurments in the Tarjey aisles are also such a punch.

    Motherhood is so damn beautiful.


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