I only whine about myself for the first paragraph

Sophie’s finger is sore, but not swollen and discolored so I’m going to bet that it’s not broken.  They can’t do anything anyhow, so unless she gets worse, we won’t go in to the doctor.  I, on the other hand, need to go to the doctor for an ear infection.  The soonest they can see me is Saturday, and that’s the soonest urgent care appointment.  Guess this one will be treated homeopathically.  Which would be fine if I had more than one vicodin in the medicine chest.  Maybe I’ll go all old west and buy some whiskey. 

Badger has a post up saying that both volunteers and evacuees are being locked out of the astrodome.  Some of those people’s children are inside, but no one will let them in.  I can’t imagine how traumatizing that is.  It’s bad enough with the flood that took their lives and homes and neighborhoods away, but now to be separated from their children and locked out of what is their home for now.  What the fuck?!  I hope it’s as short as possible and that no one is hurt or killed trying to get back in.  What a nightmare.

I have to go take Soph to school and get to wholey foods for some earache tabs. 

Go see John and company (Irr.App.Ext.) perform in Seattle this weekend if you are in the area. Our friend Steve will be there, too, but not performing.  I don’t think, anyway.  Tell them hello for me and tell John I miss him.

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