I wasn’t ever a scout

So my scout’s honor isn’t worth anything.  I did bring my camera yesterday to Bad Moms Coffee, but it never seemed like a good time to get it out and start taking pictures in the middle of conversations.  I am so glad that I’m finally able to fit in regular social contact (in real! life!) with all these women I admire so much. 

I’m sitting on the couch with Willow.  All the other kids are at school for another hour.  She’s laying next to me on her belly, feet pushing into my ribs and her head resting on her arms.  She is so fidgety and wiggly.  I bought her a little toddler trampoline, with a handle thing, for her birthday.  She jumps on it all the time and I think it helps her sleep a little better at night. 

Tomorrow is the last day of March and I didn’t finish writing my novel.  I didn’t even begin to finish, but I did begin and, all things considered, that is something at least.  Maybe in November I’ll join the real kids and see if I can keep up.  I’ve got all spring and summer to get a running start, which I would not consider cheating given my four-kid handicap.  Thanks to everyone who signed up and played along, and especially to Chris for making the button.  I’m in the middle of redoing my site, and I’m going to streamline the sidebar and work on getting my blogroll in order (whimper, whine). 

I know this makes no sense at all, but I’m going to go mop the kitchen before I get the kids from school. 

4 thoughts on “I wasn’t ever a scout

  1. cait

    jen- send me an email when you get a chance, i need your email address so i can send you a really cool link (it’ll make a good blog topic!)–thanks, lil sis cait

  2. Marsha

    I love the new header too! I hope that even though you didn’t get a chance to finish your novel at least you got the chance to work on it a bit.


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