I’m a snowball in hell!

So, someone in Missouri nominated me for a Blogger’s Choice Award, which totally flatters me almost as much as it makes me laugh.  Hottest MommyBlogger?  Dude, I know some of the women on the list (Chris Jordan, Grace Davis, Heather Armstrong, Karen Rani, Jenny Lauck, Melissa Summers, Mrs. Eden Marriott Kennedy,  Badgermama,  and probably a few others, but I couldn’t click through all 61 pages which are filled with multiple nominees) and my hotness doesn’t even begin to compare.  Of course, I will still encourage you to click on that button (top right sidebar >>>) and vote for me, because I’m feeling pretty down lately and it’ll make me feel good if I get a few votes.  I’ll be able to feel better, because the numbers will be telling me to.  (see previous post, and speaking of the previous post, here’s a couple shots for Eve:)

Img_2557 Img_2560

I was complaining to a friend that I gained five pounds overnight, and the only thing I’d done was eat a little salt.  Know what my friend said?  You eat healthy food, you get lots of exercise.  THROW AWAY THE SCALE AND QUIT WORRYING. 

I don’t think I’m there yet, but I am not above taping the nice messages and low numbers to the scale.  Or, apparently, trolling for compliments.

8 thoughts on “I’m a snowball in hell!

  1. kate

    I totally know how this feels. I am now 46 and all of a sudden – whammo! Salt sensitivity. And yes, I still weigh myself every freaking day. Because I feel like it. And then I eat whatever I feel like. Because I feel like that also. .

    I actually found that if I eat less meat and chicken, the salt thing hits me less hard.

    And don’t throw the cute little scale away!! Take it apart, superglue a little string to it and some wheels, put some eyes on it, and … voila!! A new toy! We did this to our humidifier and loved it.

    great post … admittedly scattered comment, but hey

  2. jenijen

    Eve — I bought the cheapest scale they had at tarjay, and I do LOVE orange. It does say LITHIUM, in reference to the battery. (I think! I thought it was funny, too, especially given that it ended up in my bathroom)

    Chris — I’ve totally checked you out, honey. You look fabulous. Not “for a mom of seven kids” either. JUST FABULOUS

    Autumn –You are smart about your scale, and YOUR pictures are GREAT! Thanks for stopping by

    Kate! Great idea to make the scale a toy. And I love svmoms. Happy to see you here!


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