into my arms


(Read this first, before you play the video. I don’t know how to put the text before it.)

This morning Lex called me from school because I’d forgotten that he was going on a field trip today and hadn’t sent him with a sack lunch.  (He insists on hot lunch every day.  Ick.)

He called from his classroom, and I yelled at him a little when he said, "And make sure you don’t pack anything that I don’t like!"

He likes nothing.  Seriously.  So, I was mean and told him that I’d bring his lunch, and he just needed to eat what was in it.  I got to the school about ten minutes later and his teacher apologized to me.  With a look on her face that said she’d heard me yelling at my kid. 

I felt awful, because really? I didn’t need to yell at him. 

Thankfully, Willow helped me prove to myself that I AM a good mother.  On the way home from preschool I was listening to Nick Cave, and Willow began singing along. 

I made her recreate it, and that is my Love Thursday entry.

Happy Love Thursday.

It’s my four year wedding anniversary today.  Extra Happy Love Thursday.


8 thoughts on “into my arms

  1. Abigail

    My mom made us make our own lunches from day one and she never bought all the stuff the other kids had (fruit roll ups, et al.) and we moaned and griped about it all the time and she yelled back all the time. And we turned out all right. Mostly.

  2. Eve

    That is so cool. Milo broke out into Casey Jones while I was visiting my cousin this summer. “Driving that train, High on cocaine”–that part! Ha ha!!


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