Is it Wednesday yet?

On Wednesday morning, thanks to my generous mom, I am going to the chiropractor. I hurt my neck while pouring some instant oatmeal into a bowl for Sophie (sneaky muscles, strike when you least expect) a week or so ago and can’t seem to snap (heh) out of it. I am so looking forward to it.

Look at one of the several things I’m going to make to sell for Christmas with my friend K.


We plan to hit a couple of holiday craft fairs. I also made a little red felt tree ornament with buttons sewn all over it. It’s cute and easy and not expensive to make. Hopefully I can make and sell enough to pay for the kids’ gifts this year. Of course, I usually have kids with me, so cranking out the product will take some finageling. Usually! Ha! I always do. Tonight, Sophie helped me make angels while Willow sat in the high chair playing with pasta pieces. Sophie saw a finished pile that I made and said, “Did I make all those, mama?” I said, “Yep, and what a good job you did, too!” She was pretending that they were sisters or babies and having lots of fun peeling glue off her fingers. That was my favorite part, too.


Here’s Sophie’s work:


Today I made some vegan tunaish salad for sandwiches, and the kick-ass vegan black bean chili with cilantro pesto. Yum. It was almost cool here, and breezy. I enjoyed cooking. We watched the mama and baby right outside the sliding glass door while we ate. The dove nest is right near where the hummingbird nest was, but now the hummingbirds are outside the front door. They hang out in the back yard to drink from the feeder, though. A couple of times we had to run of a blue jay (stellar’s jay?) that was trying to get the baby dove. Asshole.

This is blurry because I didn’t want to flash them. They were spooked enough with me looking at them.


Oh my, guess what Nate did at the library??? We first went about two weeks ago, and the boys each got a card. Lexy already had one for the library in our town, so he got a city one. Anyway, we got LOTS of books and some dvds. We have still not read all the books, but have another week. The dvds are only a one-week checkout. This means that every Saturday we’ve gone to the library to get fresh dvds. We got a few more books, but we already have more than we can read before they’re due. Uh, the point. . . let’s see. Last weekend, Nate picked out the Haunted Mansion and Rudolph. This weekend he decided that he’d renew them. The drop off is outside the front door, so the boys returned all the dvds except the ones Nate wanted to renew. Nate carried those in. I helped Sophie on the kids’ computer while the boys got new movies (Titan AE is pretty good if your kids are already corrupted like mine and can handle a scene at the beginning where the earth gets blown up by aliens. Plus, you get to see the cartoon character’s butt. He’s voiced by Matt Damon, so, ya know.). We checked out, while John chased a shrieking Sophie while carrying a crabby Willow. We will not ALL go to the library (OR TARGET) again for awhile. We got home and I was putting the dvds on the shelf that helps me keep track of them, when I noticed that there was no Haunted Mansion or Rudolph. I asked Nate and he said, “Oh, I decided I didn’t want them.” I asked him if he returned them. “Yeah, mom, I put them right back on the shelf where they go.”


Remind me to call the library tomorrow and try to dodge the late fee.

1 thought on “Is it Wednesday yet?

  1. elayne

    How cute! (The angels and Nate both..) I was thinking you were going to say he stuck the movies down his pants and tried to bring them home for keeps – shows you the kind of thing *I* have learned to expect! I’m sure the librarians will be gracious about it – the truth of the story will be self-evident when they go to the shelf and find the movies there, and who can resist a kid who PUTS THINGS BACK WHERE THEY GO?? lol


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