it only took me three hours

to figure this out.  How long will it take you?

Nathan is eating his cereal this morning, he stops and asks me, "Mom, do you believe in side-kicks?"

"Side-kicks?  Uh, yeah, like Robin, you mean?"

"Well, because your sister, she KNEW that santa was bringing us a game cube and she and James got us those games, AND she knew what James was getting her for christmas!  Some people just can see the future."

I just got that while I was folding laundry.  I get the "Monday morning brain" award this week!

13 thoughts on “it only took me three hours

  1. Mom

    Well, just for the record, your sister IS a “side-kick” and she comes from a long line of them, too. Both her mother and her grandmothers way back on her Father’s side were “side-kicks.” Comes in very handy sometimes.

  2. John

    It took me a moment too this morning – I think there was a Far Side cartoon of a store that rented out sidekicks – When Nate started talking about the Christmas presents it clicked for me. I’d already had some coffee at that point though.

  3. TitanKT

    I didn’t get it on the first try, either… but I didn’t get all the way to re-reading it… I just kept repeating “side-kicks” and finally understood. She’s side-kick… as in: Clare Boy Aunt!

  4. still life

    Read it THREE times…what!?!
    Went to comment and ask …What!?!
    It wasn’t until I read “mom’s” comment
    that things fell into place.
    Can I have Monday morning brain at night?

  5. Jenijen

    Still Life,

    That is SO FUNNY because the first thing I thought when I realized that it had been three hours since he said that was how many of those puzzles you could have done in that time, and I thought that YOU of all people would be laughing at me the most! Laughing nicely, of course, but laughing at what an airhead I am all the same. Heh


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