it’s more like wrestling than knitting

I started off making a kerchief thing. You know, to wear on my head. But knitting into the front and back of stitches with this CHUNKY but sometimes very thin yarn was not working.

Next I put a few rows in for a scarf. But I made it too wide, and I never really wear scarves, so I ripped it out and shook my sore from gripping the needles fist at the sky and said bad words. Passionately.

Now I am making a hat. Four rows in I’ve got three extra stitches on my needles, but I’m pretty sure that it won’t matter. The yarn is so kooky (but in a superfantastic way) that the details of how the thing is made will be covered up. Given that the arthritis (jeez, a moment of silence for my lost youth here, K?) in my hands gets worse when I knit, all I can hope is that this ball of yarn is enough to finish the hat.

If it’s not, I’ll probably just find a way to shrink my head.

4 thoughts on “it’s more like wrestling than knitting

  1. Angela

    The yarn looks like it’s made of human hair and knotted up scrunchies! It’s amazing! I can’t wait to see the finished product.

  2. Jane

    I love this stuff! No worries about whether your tension is off and the stiches are uneven, etc.

    And you’re brave. I only try straight flat things when I knit.


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