Just because it’s nearly midnight

So, I’m away on a business trip and staying in a hotel with Jenny.  I am maybe three towns over from where I actually live, but since we had to be here tonight and early tomorrow I’m crashing Jenny’s room.  My boys are crushed that I am away.  You see, I brought my personal laptop along with my work one, and now they have to wait a whole day to play runescape. 

I’m not popular at home right now. 

I ate so much and laughed so hard at dinner (no, NOT drunk, just seated across from Jenny) that I hurt from my hips to my armpits.

1 thought on “Just because it’s nearly midnight

  1. John

    Glad you’re having fun. So far, nobody has expired from lack of runescape… They just sit around and curse the slowness of the other computer… and then go play some wii.

    See you tonight! xoxo


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