la de de, la de dah

It’s been forever since I did a Friday Shuffle.  So, let’s take care of that.  (Friday shuffle is just a set your iPod to shuffle and tell what ten songs come up thing.  You do it on a Friday, obviously.)

  1. Nick Drake :: Northern Sky
  2. The Mountain Goats :: Whole Wide World
  3. Nick Cave :: Where Do We Go Now But Nowhere?
  4. Cat Power :: The Moon
  5. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds :: (I’ll Love You) Till the End of the World
  6. Low/Dirty Three :: Lordy
  7. Clem Snide :: Happy Birthday
  8. Sigur Ros :: Untitled 2a
  9. Townes Van Zandt :: Pancho and Lefty
  10. Kristin Hersh :: Cartoons

Happy Friday and Memorial Day.  But Memorial Day is kinda sad, so maybe Peaceful Memorial Day is better.

3 thoughts on “la de de, la de dah

  1. :::::::::::: wife mom maniac ::::::::::::

    I really like that playlist, lotsa great stuff on there. Not sure if you have time to bother with this or not, but I need to put together some birthing music and since you like much of the same music that I do judging by your list there, I wonder what you would birth to if you needed some tunes to do that with over the next few weeks 🙂 Anyways, I’m a new regular reader of your blog and also wanted to say hello.

    ~ Rachel

  2. jenijen

    Hi Rachel! I’d love to send you a couple of mix cds!

    furiousBall ~ Nick Drake is total desert island music (or however you want to say essential)


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