I’ve been super busy doing laundry ever since I FIXED MY WASHER!  I put in a new pump and got that sucker back together and operating.  By. my. self.  Gee, think I’m proud??

Speaking of proud; here’s my girl:


You don’t want her mad at you.  Further proudness:


That’s a christmas gift (ahem) for my brother’s girlfriend.  I just finished it.  Sigh.  The colors didn’t come out as well in the photo as I’d like, but there’s no sun out for pictures right now.  It’s a cute scarf; you pull the tail through a tiny hole in the opposite end so it sits snug against your neck.  Take note of maybe 1/10th of John’s cd collection in the background.  I’m not kidding.  Someday I’ll post pictures of his cds.  And the records.  Sweet Jebesus, the vinyl.  (Hear my tongue clicking?)

Well, Sophie escaped strep throat and the boys are mending.  Willow woke up with a fever today and kept saying, "hurts."  I took her to the doctor, who says that she probably hasn’t got strep (she sent out the two day culture since the rapid test was negative), but does appear to have fifth disease

Ack!  I just read that link and saw the part about anemia.  Willow is still turning purple, more so today than over the past few days, and now I’m worried that perhaps the anemia has returned and that’s why she’s getting blue and purple.  None of the doctors seemed to think that was the case, but if she’s anemic, wouldn’t she turn blue when she’s cold more easily??  I’m going to have to change medical clinics because the people there probably think I’m a loon.  But, SOMETHING IS MAKING MY BABY TURN BLUE!  Why isn’t that a big deal?  If she were only cold I’d have noticed it before.  Her fingernail beds glow purple; it is not subtle.  I see a sunday morning advice nurse call in my future.  I also think that I’ll be waking up before 5 am, since Willow didn’t nap and fell asleep for the night at 5:30 tonight.  I guess with the time change, it will be about 6 am.  I feel less tired already. 

All the big kids are gone.  In theory I miss them, but since this is the first time they’ve gone for the weekend, in reality I am enjoying this long stretch of down time.  I had all sorts of plans, but with Willow sick I’m scaling back.  Can’t take a feverish baby all over town.

Time to go watch The Thing with John.  Cause I love him.  (I’m not a scary movie person, except I did like The Others and 28 Days Later.) 

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