leg knocker

  leg knocker 
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One of the many fun things about being in Barcelona was seeing all the street art.  True, some of it was barely a step above vandalism, but more of it was creative and good. 

The shops near where we stayed all had those metal pull-down doors to cover the storefronts when they were closed.  Like a roll top desk top or garage door.  If you are out late, or early, or on a Sunday, you’ll see paintings all over the place.

Here are a couple of my favorites.  Oops.  The kids are out of school.  Better run!

Okay, back now.  Here’s a link to more of these on flickr.

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  1. mamasutra

    Between your hike photos and your Spain photos, I am really wishing I lived some place warm. Sigh. You’d think all this cozy time would be good for writing my novel-in-a-month, but that’s not happening either. What’s wrong with this world of mine??


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