life is just a bowl of cherries


I found cute shoes at the big warehouse cheap shoe place.  They make me happy. 

On Saturday I was driving over to pick up Nate from a friend’s house, when I drove past a yard sale.  I want to love yard sales.  I want to get up early on Saturdays and go out and find great things in need of some TLC and bring them home and restore them and have people see them and say, Where’d’ja get that cool ____? And I’d be all, I got it at a yard sale for two bux and restored it.  But I never have good luck, so I gave it up. 

Never had good luck until Saturday, that is. 

I saw it there, leaning up against a fence.  Next to it was an old suitcase (old as in from the 80’s and dirty, not as in cool, vintage 1940’s suitcase that would be a Good Thing.) and the biggest fold-up hand fan (like these, but plain) I’ve ever seen.


It’s old.  It’s painted the very best shade of sky blue, and it’s worn in all the right places.  Like what pottery barn does to the new stuff to make it look vintage.  It used to have doors in the front, but they are gone, which I like.  I love the door at the top; there are tiny little shelves behind it and it’s all mysterious and interesting looking.  Here’s a crappy photo of the full view.  The cabinet is probably six and a half or seven feet tall.

I picked up Nate and asked if he minded checking out the sale.  He was totally game, so we went.  He got a bunch of crap for five dollars or so, and I asked about the cabinet. 


I have an awesome poker face, so she probably had no idea I’d have gone a lot higher: it was inexplicable love at first site, and I knew it must be mine. 

It *just* fit in the back of my van.  I need to clean it up and clear a space in the kitchen for it.  It will hold all my spices, so I don’t have to dig in the cabinets anymore looking for cayenne, which 9 times out of 10 ends with me knocking a spice jar down onto my toe or into a boiling pot of soup or into the butter.  I’ll also put the most cute of the coffee mugs there, and probably some canned beans and definately jars of jam. 

It’s so Ingalls!

John said he wanted to put paperbacks or CDs in it, and I nearly bit his head off.  (He’s got over 4,000 CDs and not a small amount of books.  I never, ever thought I’d say this — or type, as the case may be– but I am tired of looking at books and CDs.)  He will not muss up my cabinet with paperbacks.  NO WAY! 

I can’t wait to get it all set up. 

Sometimes the little things can be big, you know?

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2 thoughts on “life is just a bowl of cherries

  1. mamasutra

    I so need something to store my spices in; they’re all crammed in a cupboard and completely unwilling to part with any of them, even if some only get used once in a blue moon. How are you finding all the deals? I tried to hit the garage sales with my girls and all we found was yuk and more yuk. Maybe reading this will send some “deals mojo” my way!!


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