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Well, I’ve had longer days, but this is technically the longest day this year.  At some point, early this morning I guess, I turned into a salmon and spent the rest of the day slowly getting through the things I needed to.  Barely.  Didn’t even get to some things.

I just checked what time the sun sets and decided that within the next half hour (or so) I am going to toss some toys and snacks into a bag, grab a couple of blankets and my camera, several sweaters and possibly a frisbee, and get this family to the beach to watch the sun set over the pacific.   The kids may bicker, but I’m feeling a strong need to make a memory for them.  To go be near the waves.  To feel insignificant and also connected. 

Happy Solstice. 

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a bazillion photos here

7 thoughts on “longest day

  1. eve

    i think the pacific might have impressed my son more today than the lame excuse for a body of water a reservoir makes.

    i tried to make a memory but all i got was sadness for not having an ocean or a great lake nearby.

    inhale some pacific goodness for me.


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