Love Thursday

I don’t know what it is, exactly, about this photo, but every time I see it my heart turns into a puddle.  This is Lex on his 6th birthday; the year I let him help decorate his cake.  He’s about to turn 10, and he’s such a wonderful young man.  (oy.  did I just type "young man?")  I know he’s feeling a little left out lately, since he’s not getting enough attention from me.  If only his dang siblings would just toe the line and quit sucking up all my time!  Perhaps he and I can go out to lunch this weekend; just us. 


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3 thoughts on “Love Thursday

  1. Irene

    lovely, thanks for sharing.

    I often take one of my kids to have lunch with me, just the two of us, and they really enjoy this special time with me. hope you will be able to spend time together this weekend 🙂

  2. Cynthia Samuels

    It really is a lovely photo and when kids move into double digits is’s a real reminder of their growing up I think. With regard to finding time, that lunch sounds wonderful. If it’s tough logistically, another thing that worked for me, because my work schedule would allow it, was a weekly breakfast out on the way to school – with just my oldest. I had someone at home with kid 2 so I could do that, but if you can, and then drop him off at school, you have the added bonus of seeing lots about school life too.


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