Ma mere

So for Mother’s Day this year I helped my mom set up a blog.  As so often is the case, coming up with the title was the hardest part.  Her first choices were taken, so we kept reframing things until we came up with Vielle Femme.  Now, in theory, that is the French equivalent of crone. 

So far, so good. 

Except.  I made a teeny mistake.  It’s not v-i-e-l-l-e femme that means crone.  It’s actually (I think) v-i-e-i-l-l-e femme.  Lose that second i and you become Hurdy-Gurdy Woman rather than Crone.

Uh.  Whoops?  But, all things considered, not a terrible thing.  The hurdy-gurdy is undeniably cool.

Then, I made a banner for her out of one of her photos.  It’s installed, but it still has the stock WordPress text in there and I haven’t figured out how to get that out.  (Halp is welcome, even though I have a lead I haven’t done it yet.)

Anyhow, despite all that, her blog kicks ass.  Click on over and say hello.  You KNOW how good it feels to get comments.   

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    Hey! Thanks for the plug! Making plum, vanilla and gewurztraminer this weekend! And, maybe pinot noir jelly…..does anyone know how to get the label off a wine bottle? I just love the label on the pinot!


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