me mE ME ME ME Me me

here’s the google meme that all the cool kids, like Jess and Tracey, are doing

needs to stay out of foul trouble

Jenifer needs to examine her heart
Jenifer needs to sign it 

But Jennifer is so beautiful and stunning….do you know if she needs a pool-boy? (yeah, that one was about jennifer love hewitt, but I’ll steal it)

Jenifer needs the spot kept warm (har har, that is about basketball. out of the gutter, you!)
Jenifer needs to find the right producer
Jenifer needs to understand
Jenifer needs To do some hard core promoting
Jenifer needs money NOW
Jenifer needs additional support in The hospital,
Jenifer needs 10 more points on The Scholastic Assessment

Jenifer needs to help Keven with his bugspray

So, google your name with the word "needs" and see what you get.  Google is sorta psychic.  But I don’t know this Keven person. 

Back later on with tales and photos of successful birthday party.  I told Soph that we are going to Granny’s tomorrow to celebrate her aunt and brother’s birthdays.  She said, "Are you going to leave me there so you can go and eat something somewhere with some people?"  No.  Not this time.  But now that you mention it. . . 

2 thoughts on “me mE ME ME ME Me me

  1. Belinda

    Yes, PLEASE help Kevin with his bugspray! Kevin has been bugging (HAR) the heck out of me about the bugspray, and I keep telling him that JENNIFER needs to help him with the bugspray! Hook him up, wouldja?


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